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If you could not get to work because you had no car, you might decide that the best solution to this problem would be to purchase a vehicle. In that case, you could easily see the value of your purchase, as it would immediately solve your challenge of not being able to go where you needed to go. But have you ever been faced with the option of purchasing a good or service for which you could not immediately identify a need? What convinced you of the ultimate value of the purchase? What problem did it solve, or what aspect of your life did it improve?

Marketers use the value proposition to demonstrate the appeal of their specific product or service to customers by showing them how it will deliver benefits, meet a need, or solve a problem. This is an important concept for businesses, as it is a way to gain competitive advantages in the marketplace. But what makes a value proposition successful? In this Discussion, you and your colleagues will seek to answer that question.

To prepare for this Discussion:

By Day 3

Post either a link to or some representative image(s) of your selected marketing campaign. In 150–225 words (2–3 paragraphs), address the following: