Can you help me understand this English question?

This paper is written in response to the assigned readings on sustainability:


Using at least two of the readings noted above (I suggest “Sustainability” on pages 602-608 in conjunction with another of the essays), write a proposal in which you first define a problem relating to food and sustainability and then offer a solution to it. For example, you may wish to take a stand on the issue of genetically modified foods in the United States or you might wish to examine the strengths or weaknesses of the local food movement.

This paper does require quotations, not just paraphrases of material, in order to pass. Be sure that you cite your quotations in-text according to MLA format (author page number) or (Weisser 607).

Length/Formatting: As a timed, this paper does not have rigorous formatting requirements. You should be sure to distinguish between paragraphs. You should plan to write between 700-1000 words in length. Include a title; proofread for grammatical errors.

Citation Style: Be sure to cite your quotations using MLA style in-text citations (LastName Page#). A Works Cited page is not required for this assignment due to time limitations.

Exclusions: You may not use ANY sources except the texts noted below for this paper; do not conduct additional research or use secondary sources or websites. You MAY use the texts of the selected readings, The Write Stuff, and a dictionary/thesaurus.