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Please reply to these 3 response with 3 to 4 complete sentences

**(The question was about Do you find any of the characters in the Greek Mythology to be an admirable hero? Why or why not? Please defend your position. In Mythos Book (The Toys of Zeus, Part Two) pg 187 – 300)**

Please reply to these 3 response with 3 to 4 complete sentences

1- In my opinion I consider Prometheus to be a greek Mythology hero. He aligned himself with the powerful Zeus so people looked up to him. But to me what makes him a hero was he was willing to go against Zeus and fight for what he believes in. He sacrificed his own well being and relationship with Zeus by stealing fire and sharing it with man kind. This allowed man kind to open all kind of new oppertunities with fire and he did this knowing he put his own life in jeopardy because he cared for others which to me is what Hero’s are all about.

2- I do not find any of the characters in Greek Mythology to be an admirable hero. Greek gods are consumed with themselves and their own power. A hero is someone who is dedicated to helping others and sacrificing themselves opposed to benefiting themselves. However, the only God to sacrifice themself was Prometheus. Prometheus went against Zeus, the ‘father of the Gods’, who created humanity from clay and gave them the gift of fire. This defiance of Zeus, led to a permanent state of torment against Prometheus as a punishment from Zeus. This is the closest thing to a hero demonstrated in Greek mythology.

3- Most of the characters in Greek Mythology would not be considered an “admirable hero” except for Prometheus. Prometheus and the “King of Gods”, Zeus, were fond of each other and began to work on creating a new race. This new species were an experiment for the immortals and Zeus specifically said not to give them fire so they can never rise up and challenge the gods. Prometheus knew that if he ever gave them the gift of fire, Zeus would punish him. With the gift of fire for the new species, Prometheus went around and demonstrated how to use fire to make tools and to cook, drastically improving their way of life. The reason Prometheus is a hero is because he sacrificed his own good life to give man the gift of fire and improve their lives, even though he knew that meant his good life would come to an end when Zeus noticed what he had done