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NEED APA format

Final Research Paper: This final research paper is a team project. Students are randomly grouped in iLearn. Please check the Group area to check your assigned group. The contributions of all team members to the assignment must be posted in the team’s study group conference. The study group discussion forum is the place for the instructor to ascertain each team member’s contribution and participation. If students use other methods for collaboration, they should first get permission from their instructor, and then clarify in the study group discussion area each member’s contribution by posting copies of all electronic communication and collaboration in case of a future dispute. At the end, students will submit peer assessment form rating self and team members. Those team members contributing less than their fair share of effort will see their individual grades reduced accordingly. Each teams is required to complete this two-part final research project as follows: A. Research Paper Proposal: Prior to writing your Final Research Paper, each team is required to develop a research proposal. The research paper proposal should state what research question will be answered (or what research problem will be addressed) by the analysis your paper proposes to perform. In other words, your proposal should define the focus of the paper by stating a research question or describing a research problem to be analyzed in relevant to key topics covered in this course. It should also explain what types of resources and references will be used to perform the analysis to answer your selected research question or address the stated research problem. To begin your preliminary literature search, the proposal will include a preliminary list of at least three (3) relevant references from credible peer reviewed sources. Papers you select must be current, published since 2014. The UC Library provides myriad of online resources to assist students with proper research. It is anticipated that reputable Internet sources will also be helpful and appropriate. The proposal should not exceed two (2) pages. Instructor will review and provide feedback to each group on their research proposals. The purpose of instructor’s feedback is to provide comments on the appropriateness of your proposed topic, topic’s coverage (both breadth and depth), as well as research approach, sufficiently early in the course to allow for topic revision if necessary. Please submit it via your assignment folder as a Microsoft .doc attachment by the end of week 3 Session. B. Final Research Paper The length of final research paper must be at least 1800 words. The paper must follow the American Psychological Association (APA) style of writing. Use double spaced APA style. Ensure to include at least six (6) APA-compliant references and corresponding in-text citations. Most references must be current/recent, published since 2014. Papers must include a Cover Page, Table of Contents, APA compliant in-text citations and list of References, and page numbers. The word count begins with the Introduction and ends with the Conclusions and Recommendations. The emphasis of paper must be analytical, i.e. the paper should pose a research question or problem, and attempt to answer the question or problem with an analysis of available sources and reference material, as well as team members’ own perspective(s). Research paper must NOT seek merely to summarize the relevant details of a topic, even if that topic is new to the writer. The value in this assignment is in reaching a sufficient understanding of a set of material to allow you to provide an informed opinion on some application of the material to a specific issue. The Final Research Paper will be graded against the following criteria:  Clear research question or research problem statement to be analyzed and its relevance: 15%  Content (depth and accuracy of information and analysis): 40%  Recommendations and conclusions supported by research and analysis: 15%  Clarity, Organization, grammar and spelling: 15%  APA Style: 15% Each group will submit their research proposal and final research paper as a group. Please be sure to spell check and carefully proof read your paper prior to submitting it. Check for plagiarism BEFORE submitting!! Submit your paper to Safe Assign. Safe Assign will be used to analyze each paper for any plagiarism. For guidance to avoid plagiarism, please check Content>Week 1: Getting Started folder.