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Task 1:

Develop a 5-6 pager APA formatted paper and include the following:

Use various sources and develop a paper on Euro zone and the EU, Euro Crisis, Countries affected and impact on them and discuss the impact of the following factors in bringing about the ‘Euro crises’:

1) Impact of Budget Deficit and National Debt

2) Impact of Balance of Payments

2) Impact of Social Expenditure

Using evidences, data & graphs compare the above factors for the countries in trouble, PIIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain) vs. other countries in the Euro zone like Germany and France that fared well and contrast which of the above factors may have contributed to the crisis.


Introduction about the topic

Brief summary of the concepts & Answer all the topics mentioned in the task.

5- 6 Page APA Formatted paper with 6-8 References


Task 2:

Develop key insights in to the key strategic planning drivers of a Fortune 500 organization. Consider Apple Inc. for this task in a 4-5 page APA formatted paper with 8 references.

Refer to the company’s annual report, investor communications found on Company’s website and other scholarly sources to identify a strategic plan. Make sure that you are describing the strategic planning of your chosen company and cover these three areas in your response:

o Evaluate the basics of the strategic planning process: how to create a strategic plan and how it is incorporated in your chosen company and/or differs from your company’s strategy.

o Explain how the strategic plan is focused on a business’ mid to long-term goals and

describe how the primary strategies developed for your chosen company are achieving them.

o Elaborate how the strategic plan may highlight some critical issues of the company you chose and give recommendations on how to move from the planning phase to implementation phase.