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Based on the framework laid out in your lesson 4, you are to critically analyze an enacted state policy. Use the concepts from the lesson to do the analysis. This should be something you have seen show up in the news, an issue you are interested in, or a policy that could have direct impact on your life. It can be anything so long as it has been voted on by your state’s legislative branch, has been approved by the executive office, and has been signed into law. To make your work a little easier, you’ll likely want to choose something that has had media/public attention and is a broad enough issue that you can find scholarly sources to provide background information. Some examples of state issues include: fracking, legalization of medical marijuana, mental health services, state budget and spending, etc.

In this 5-7 page analysis you should:

Make sure you draw from the lesson and relevant PA journals. A list of good online journals is available in our online website (https://apus.libguides.com/pubadmin) You should incorporate at least 4 scholarly journal sources. Remember that the content must be 5-7 pages (excluding title page and references) . *Your essay will be automatically uploaded to Turnitin.com and an originality report will be generated for you. No action is needed on your part.