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Critical Reading and “The Treadmill of Consumption” Discussion

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Answer the following questions (in numbered format) for Roberts’ “The Treadmill of Consumption” and then respond to two other students, noting where you had different answers. You won’t see any other students’ posts until you post your answers.

1. What is the author’s primary argument? Can you identify a thesis statement or is the thesis implied?

2. What key terms are fundamental to that argument? Choose two words you are unfamiliar with and look up their meaning.

3. What evidence does the author provide to support the argument? Is it relevant and specific? Does the author cite reliable authoritative sources?

4. What underlying assumptions shape the author’s position (could be assumptions about peoples’ desires, buying habits, or anything you seem to notice)? Does the author consider counterarguments?

5.Who is the intended readership, and do you think it affects the author’s reasoning or evidence?