Can you help me understand this Biology question?

1. What is “fitness” in terms of natural selection?

2. If an organism cannot adapt to change in their environment, what happens?

3. What is the biosphere and what parts does it consist of?

4. List several abiotic factors that affect the organisms that live in an ecosystem?

5. Wolves are a top level predator in Yellowstone’s ecosystem. How does having wolves promote the growth of more trees?

6. Define ecology.

7. There are 3 mechanisms that influence natural selection. List and describe one of them.

8. If I am walking through a forest and trip over a dead tree, what part of the environment have I just interacted with, the biotic or abiotic?

9. Darwin used several evidences to support his hypothesis ofevolution. List and discuss one of these.

10. Define evolution.

11. Give an example of how fire can help (why is it beneficial to) organisms in an ecosystem.



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