I’m working on a Geology exercise and need support.

First, please read The First Fossil Hunters and view the first lecture video before researching and writing your post.

Pick ONE of the following questions to answer – your preference. Just be sure to restate the question you are answering at the start of your post.


Grading Rubric:
– Length: If you follow the 250-350 guidelines, you will get full credit. Partial credit for going over or under the limits. (0-2 points). The list of sources does not count towards your word count.
References: I expect a minimum of one internet source listed at the end of your post. This should be in addition to the First Fossil Hunter material posted in Canvas. If you use a direct quote from this source, use quotations marks and a citation at the end of the sentence (MLA style is fine). When you list your source, include the title and author and URL link.
– Depth of Geologic Insight: This is a measure of the time and effort you have put into researching and crafting your post.
– Grammar and Flow of Language.