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Texas government and the national government share many structural similarities. However, there are some very unique differences between them. One of the reasons is because Texas developed many more constitutions than the national government did – and those constitutions were influenced by Texas’ relationship with the other nations that at one point ruled over Texas. As Texas joined the United States, and then the Confederacy, and then the Union, again, there were revisions of the Texas Constitution. The Texas Constitution of today was authored in 1876, has been amended 507 times, and is the second longest state constitution in the United States.

Information to help you answer this discussion board will be found in Chapter 2 of your textbook.

In your original post you must:

  1. Identify a similarity between the national and Texas Constitutions.
  2. Describe what this similarity is and how it is expressed at the national and state levels.
  3. Identify a difference between the national and Texas Constitutions.
  4. Explain how this difference is expressed in Texas and what influenced Texas to make this part of the Texas Constitution different than that of the United States Constitution.

Post must also include:

Response Posts hw

In your response you must:

  1. Compare/contrast how your chosen similarity or difference is related to that of the person to whom you are responding.

Post must also include:


To earn full credit, please review the following:

You must provide a properly formatted MLA citation. Please visit to learn how to do so properly. NOTE: There is an ad-based citation generator at the top of the page this link takes you to – it does not format your citations properly.

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