I need support with this Article Writing question so I can learn better.

Please read chapters 1 & 2 and answer the following questions:

Chapter 1 question:What commonality did all of the stories in chapter one share and which story did you most connect with and why?

Chapter 2 question: What was one of the most important concept/concepts that you learned in chapter 2? Knowing what you know now, how would you use this information in your own life? Please be detailed and pull support from the chapter to support your statements.

Note about assignment length: I am not super picky when it comes to assignment length—this because I mainly want to see that you are grasping and understand the material/readings; I usually do not have any issues with students writing succinctly and getting their point across. Sometimes less is more but I understand those who need “a page length” to strive for—here is a general guideline to follow: