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respond to three parts. For the first part, you will analyze arguments for and against the notion that all organizations are ethically and morally obligated to engage in corporate social responsibility (CSR). For the second part, you will analyze factors that contribute to and detract from the success of CSR initiatives. You also will explain the role of I/O psychology practitioners in implementing CSR initiatives, including the ethical and legal issues they may encounter in doing so. For the third part, you will analyze the impact of CSR initiatives on employees, leaders, the organization, and social change.

Your written response to all three parts should total a minimum of 9–12 pages. Be sure to support your writing with references to scholarly sources. Your written response must follow APA format:

Part 1

Corporate Social Responsibility: Option or Obligation? (minimum 2 pages)

Part 2

Implementing CSR Initiatives (minimum 4–6 pages)

Part 3

The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives (minimum 3-4 pages)

Explain how CSR initiatives impact the following:

Use specific examples and CSR literature to support your response.