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Threats (Malware & Social Engineering; Application, Data, and Host Security)

Task 2 (Pre Class)

Step 1 – Watch CompTIA Security+ Exam Prep (SY0-501): Threats and Vulnerabilities with Mike Chapple. Upload your certificate of completion into Moodle.

Step 2 – Use the Internet to research some of the different Ransomware attacks that have occurred recently. Identify at least three attacks that are current. What do they do? Why are they so successful? How are they being spread? What can users do to protect themselves? How can ransomware be removed from a computer? Write a one-page summary of your research.

Step 3- Research DoS Attacks Denial of service (DoS) attacks can cripple an organization that relies heavily on its web application servers, such as online retailers. What are some of the most widely publicized DoS attacks that have occurred recently? What about attackers who threaten a DoS attack unless a fee is paid? How can DoS attacks be prevented?

Write a one-page paper on your research. Include at least two resources from the online library database. Upload your two-page document into Moodle.



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