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Question 1: I have attached the Vignette on Publix

Assignment: Please read Chapters 1 and 2.

Read the Opening Vignette in chapter 1, page 3 & 4.

Answer the below questions regarding this Vignette on HRM at Publix

1. Which of Publix’s HR practices do you think are most important for its success? Why?

2. Could promotion from within have disadvantages for Publix? Explain why?

3. Would Publix’s HR practices be successful in other industries such as health care or manufacturing? Explain.

4. Do Publix’s HR practices give it an advantage over its competitors? Why or why not?

Basically read the article and answer the questions. This is a Human Resource class, so answer appropriately. I can give you further information like: Book name or information from the teacher.

Question 2: This is a small paper in another class.

A quick, 1 to 1.5, double-spaced evaluation of the origin of your moral ideas and an example of an ethical dilemma you have faced.

Using the textbook and the Moodle resources:

1) Explain the origins of your moral foundations.

2) Provide an example of a difficult ethical situation you have had to face and explain your decision in that situation.

I can also give you further information from the teacher if needed. I have attached one site from the teacher regarding this question below.


Question 3: Discussion Board




• Your co-worker asks you to cover for him so he can sneak out of work early to go to his son’s softball game. Do you agree? If he went anyway, would you keep silent?

• You’re about ready to sign a big new client to a contract worth over $50,000. Your boss is under a lot of pressure to increase sales. He calls you into his office and tells you his job is on the line, and he asks you to include the revenue for your contract in the sales figures for the quarter that ends tomorrow. You know the contract is a sure thing but the client is out of town and cannot possibly sign by tomorrow. What do you do?

• The manufacturing cost of the widgets your company makes has dropped by 50%. One of your customers, Sam, tells you he knows this because he is best friends with your company’s VP of production and asks you for a discount on his order. Your boss okays the discount. Your other customer, Sue (who is one of your best friends and knows nothing about the drop in manufacturing costs), places the exact same order for widgets as Sam. Do you offer her a similar discount? Do you tell her about the drop in manufacturing costs?



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