I need support with this English question so I can learn better.

  1. We are nearing the end of our course, and nearing the deadline for the research paper.
    • How are you doing with your paper?
    • Are you done, or are you almost finished? (I REALLY hope you’re almost finished.)
    • Do you feel comfortable with what you have done so far, or do you know that a large chunk is still missing?
    • Tell me about it. Use specific details with quantitative information
      • for example, I would like to see sentences such as: I have written ___________, but I know I need to complete ____________.
    • Then tell me how you’re going to do what you still need to do.
  2. Share with me what you’ve ended up with as your thesis statement for your paper.
    • Write down what your thesis statement is – make sure it fits the definition of a good, solid thesis statement.
    • Is it different than what you started out with?
    • Then tell me: how do you feel you are doing with arguing for your thesis?
    • Ask yourself: At the end of the paper, will Annie (or any reader) agree that I have argued well for what I believe in?
    • If you need to continue working on your argument, what are you going to do to accomplish that?
  3. Tell me about the usefulness of the peer review. Was it helpful? Did you get useful information from your partner? Did you GIVE useful information to your partner? Describe.

**For all three of these questions, I am asking for SPECIFICS, not generalizations. I need to see more than a few sentences here, because I am asking you to be very introspective – I want you to THINK about this. Please write a minimum of two pages, following the APA format. Short responses which show little thought will NOT receive full credit.