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Write 4 Complete pages in proper MLA format.

Using the writing process, students will compose a paper reflecting on an experience that has

affected them. This experience can be personal: one that occurred within his/her family, education,

career, or with technology or pop culture. Note that this paper should not be research-based. Use of

the first person (I and we) is acceptable for this paper. Use of the second person (you and all

of its forms) is not acceptable.

Paper Requirements

*Times New Roman.

*Font size 12.

*Double spaced.

*The paper has a correctly formatted and original title.

*The paper has a correctly formatted MLA heading.



*Strong thesis or controlling idea.

*Grabs the reader’s attention.

* Is general and outlines the main points of the body paragraphs.

Body Paragraphs

*Contains controlling topic sentences and supporting details.



* Uses adequate transitional devices.


*Sums up the main points of the paper.

*Does not leave the reader “hanging.”

* Does NOT introduce new ideas that are not covered in the body paragraphs.

*The conclusion should be concise.

Standard English

*Word choices and level of diction appropriate to the college level.

*Spelling errors are avoided.

*Avoids use of contractions.

*Avoids use of the second-person pronoun.

*Pronouns agree

*Subjects and verbs agree

* Maintains consistent tense and/or demonstrates logical shifts in tense.

* Parallelism is maintained.

* Overuse of the passive voice is avoided.

*Less than 10% plagiarism on Turnitin report

Sample paper included and MLA format info