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I have an essay due, I post the question of the essay and I will also post the requirements, The essay requries 6 in-class sources, I will post 3 PDF articles and the power point, these were all discussed in class, so you just have to have 6 sources in general, try using a source from the 3 articles and one from the power point, then choose the other two from any of the articles.


In the context of higher education: Is Affirmative Action fair? Should it be done away with, or is it an important and necessary policy? Why?

here are the requirements :

Things to consider:

o History of affirmative action

o Definitions

o Alternatives

o Affirmative Action banned states


o Explicitly state and underline your thesis statement.

o Everything following your thesis statement must clearly work to support it.

o Your paper must be correctly formatted according to MLA standards.

o Your paper must be between 1200 and 2000 words in length and double spaced.

o Write the word count of your essay at the end of your paper.

o You must properly integrate a minimum of 6 class sources

Here are the sources: