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Using the Week 2 Key Concept module, posted article and case at the end of Chapter 13 in your text, please answer the following questions:

  1. What trends in new media (discussed in Chapter 2) were evident in the Obama case?
  2. According to the case, what is “microtargeting” (Chapter 13) and how was it instrumental to the success of the 2012 Obama Campaign?
  3. Using the “7 steps of the Consumer Pathway” (Chapter 3), identify which steps were used by the Obama campaign.
  4. Of the five types of “authenticity” discussed in the Week 1 Module, what type of authenticity did the Obama campaign seem to exemplify the most?
  5. Obama vs. Trump – was their use of microtargeting the same? Are there any differences or ethical issues to consider in the future?

Reference the posted article as well as the case in your answer. Your completed case assignment will be minimum of 3 pages long and should answer the above 5 questions, written in essay-format, MLA style and include a Works Cited as your 4th page.