I need help with a Philosophy question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

This is a major essay and should be around 5-7 pages. Development of a coherent and concise thesis for each paper is an important part of the project.

The grade evaluation of the essay is made on the basis of clarity, completeness, consistency and critical appraisal of the topics as well as displaying ability in routine language skills. 70% of the grade is dependent on content and 30% on language use and written presentation skill.The questions below are grouped into four over arching sets. Choose three of those sets and respond with a 2+ page Thesis Paper. Each response should be a complete essay in and of itself with structure, thesis, and direction. The sets are guidelines, you don’t need to answer everyone of them but they are there to help you think about the topics and develop YOUR thesis. For 3 short Thesis papers total.



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