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A Reflective Report on Hotel Operation Simulation

Write a report for “A Reflective Report on Hotel Operation Simulation”.

Please cover the following points and do comparative analysis on a quarterly basis with your reflection for each area.

The points to be covered for analysis.

1.Business summary

a.Weekday occupancy

b.weekend occupancy

c.total occupancy

2.Details of rooms generating revenue in brief

3.Details of food and beverage revenue in brief

4.Details of other departments revenue

5.Details of rentals

6.Total revenue

What did you do to control the costs?

7.Food cost of sales


9.Marketing advertisement


11.Loan payment


13.Social media comments

How did you manage to bring the hotel to profit and keeping guest satisfaction?


15.The reflection of Industry experts.

And the outlines for the report will be in form of:


•Quarter one including

•Quarter two including

•Quarter three including


Very Important:

You’ll get all the information inside this link related to all financials income:


Access Code: A776d

*** Words count = 1000 words.

*** I have uploaded an example for this report the file named “Example”.

*** Financials statements are in this link:


Access Code: A776d