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Forum 7

Learning Objective: the student will compare and contrast two economic theories using the company’s Domestic and Global environments. Prompt: For this Forum, you are to use the “worst” Company you selected to write about in the Assignments part of the course.

  1. Identify and briefly describe this company for the class and cite the list where you found it rated as a “worst” Company. (SPRINT COMPANY)
  2. Using the company’s domestic and global environments, identify the economic environment of each country and compare and contrast it using Rostow and Galbraith (see Lesson and readings and do further research).
  3. Explain the specific factors that have caused this company to be rated “worst.” How have — or will – these factors be affected or relate to the company’s economic environment domestically and globally?
  4. How should the company respond to the limitations or barriers posed by its economic environment?
  5. Critique your classmates’ posts with constructive feedback. This forum is a companion to your Week 7 Assignment.

Instructions: (NOTE: Review the Forum Rubric to understand the requirements, and how your Forum participation is evaluated and scored.)

2. MKTG forum

Answer the forum questions, listed below, for this week. You need to post your main post by the end of Thursday. Your main post should be one paragraph per question. All replies need to be posted by the end of the week. Remember to provide at least two responses.

1. Salespeople play three primary roles. What are they? Salespeople create value in what two ways? Ch 13

2. Do customer relationships begin as transactional and move toward strategic partnerships? Ch 13

3. Should a company be happy or concerned if most customers are satisfied? Ch 14



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