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essay should be between six and seven typed, double-spaced pages in 12pt. font with one-inch margins, and should include a list of works cited in MLA format.

Ling Shuhua’s (1900-1990), “The Night of the Mid-Autumn Festival,” “Ding Ling’s (1904-1986) “When I was in Xia Village”each represent the plight of women. Looking at one character from the above stories, or comparing two characters, how do women characters represent traditional culture and the need for reform.

link of book: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eWoYWrp1WJPMAoHRU…

consider the suggestion below to write the paper

Night of the mid-autumn festival :

How the women repesent the traditional culture:

thought and behaviors: wife, wife’s mother, husband’s mother

Wife and wife’s mother belive if do not eat together-duck at mid-autunm festival might portend some catastrophe.

Husband sold grocery , however husband ‘ mother blame this on his wife.

Wife and wife’s mother think all the result is because her fate is poor

Spited the duck,brok the vase

Why the traditional culture need to be reform:

The miserable result is caused bad by the couple. Not only the man’s behaviors but also the woman’s thought. The wife think their marrage is going to bad because his husband did not eat the duck at the night of the mid-autumn festival. it’s the main reason caused the following bad things. They were loving each other before the women brought the traditional thought into their marriage.

When I was in Xia village:

How the women repesent the traditional culture:

Village people: ….

Zhenzhen: even though her refusedthe arranged marriage from her parent and decided to leave the village can be seen as aweken of femalism, the behavior that she did in the beginning of the story, instead of against her parents dirctly, she choosen to went chruch shows that she indeed has affected by traditional thought. Also she says at the end of the story, she think she is not pure anymore so she does not deserve the ‘good marriage’.

Why the traditional culture need to be reform:

Zhenzhen has shown her value that she get information from japanese to chinese army. It’s a great contribution for people but she still get dispise from people.

Also she shows some postive thing like she refuses the marriage because she afraid to affect Xia dabao’s reputation