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Instructions: Step 1: Read the article found in section 9A: Biochemical Connections: Law in your digital book. Using the Concorde’s Online Library, your digital material, and other scholarly websites, discuss the following: • What are your feelings regarding the article? • Describe, in detail, what the following statement means, “What can be patented is purified DNA containing the sequence of the gene and techniques that allow the study of the genes.” • How do you see the patenting of genes/DNA impacting science and medicine over the next 30 years? • Do you believe this trend is ethical? Why/why not? Step 2: Compile your thoughts & research and write a 3-5 page paper addressing the topics and questions above. Step 3: Once complete, save your file and submit. • You are required to have at least two outside resources, at the scholarly level. Wikipedia is not acceptable.