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Assessment Topic: Implementation of PPPoE connection on a client networkl


-Explain the main idea or the main goal of the research. Start broadly then narrow down to a specific thesis or research statement.

-Give a clear background about the selected WAN technology.

-Discuss essential points about the main topic and its sub-topics.

2-operation of technology :(use diagrams and figures)==>important.

This section should clearly document how the selected WAN technology/ies operate.

-Include figures/diagrams and examples to support discussion.(important!!)

3-discussion and implementation: (use packet tracer in this part for screenshots)==> important.

Discussion must include the following:

-Reflect on the analysis done and discuss your own ideas or solution to address issues identified.

-Discuss the challenges that you and your team may face in implementing these technology/ies in your network. Explain how your team will deal with these challenges.

-Support your discussion with information from academic sources.

-Implementation must include the following:

– Identify the network requirements

-Design the network topology (discuss the network components included).

-Implement the proposed features and functions of the network.


-Summarize your overall undertaking and insight of the topic.

-Include a brief discussion about the outcome of the study.


-Discuss your suggestions for improvement and future studies.


-Minimum of ten (10) relevant academic sources using Harvard Referencing format.


((2500 words!!!))

((no similarity!!!!))

sample below to help with the structure of the report !!!!!