I’m working on a English exercise and need support.

Sandwich Model:

1. Topic Sentence

2. Explain the topic sentence

3. Example

4. Explain the example

5. Concluding sentence

Question 5 : Lecture 22: Form + Art = Meaning emphasizes that the relationship between form and content communicates creates a more compelling poem. How does Elizabeth Bishop use the form to create a more compelling message in the poem “One Art”?

Question 6 : Sonia Sanchez’s poem “Haiku and Tanka for Harriet Tubman” uses 24 three-line stanzas to communicate its message. What is the poem’s larger message? Identify one of the 24 stanzas and discuss its contribution to the poem’s meaning.

Question 7 : N. Scott Momoday’s poem “The Delight Song of Tsoai-talee” uses parallelism, the repetition of grammatical patterns. What is the significance of “I am” and “I stand” in this poem? How does it reinforce the poem’s larger meaning?

Question 8 : In A.E. Housman’s poem “To an Athlete Dying Young,” how does the speaker present death? What is the speaker’s tone or attitude toward death?

My requirement: please use the sandwich model, that is what my professor looking forward to see in our answers, thank you