I don’t know how to handle this Film question and need guidance.

Watch the resources that I uploaded, and then answer these questions.

1. In your own words define Shadow-mation, a technique that was used for characters like Luna from Bear in the Big Blue House.

2. War Horse – How did the Handspring Company impact the African community that built the puppets? How is “abstraction” involved in the construction? How did Adrian Kohler, co-founder of Handspring Puppet Company, research his designs? 
How long does it take to make a set of horses? How do the legs and head operate?

3. Walking with Dinosaurs and How to Train your Dragon –Describe some construction and manipulation details from the Resource clips. What is “voodoo” puppetry control?

4. Royal Deluxe Theatre-
Research some background about this French company and describe the type of performances they do. How do the puppets operate? (Watch the clip to describe how the puppeteers work them.)

5. How does the King Kong puppet from the recent Broadway production operate?

6. Aardman Studios- Why is stop-motion considered puppetry? Find a moment in the compilation video clip that you enjoyed (or didn’t like). Why or why not? What were the different workshops mentioned in the tour video? Did any of them impress you? Why?

7. Creature Shop –What was the “breakthrough” for using puppets on TV? What does the designer need to “keep in mind” when designing” a puppet? Describe the evolution of manipulation from cable to computer. Why does the speaker prefer 3d puppets to digital puppetry?

8. Describe the new trend of “bringing back the practical”. How does that concept apply to the new Star Wars movies?