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Chapter 3

95. Using the periodic table, predict whether the following chlorides are ionic or covalent: KCl, NCl3, ICl, MgCl2, PCl5, and CCl4

Chapter 6

36. What volume of a 0.33-MC12H22O11 solution can be diluted to prepare 25 mL of a solution with a concentration of 0.025M?


1. You are to find one slave narratives from your assigned states.

2. In essay format, you will retell to the class what you heard and read about from your chosen person about their slave experiences…

Syllabus States:

Interactive Written Debates and written Essay Research discussion forums: During the course you will write essay in week 3 and a essay in week 6 with 2 peer responses to discuss the interactive topic, add references—posts must be at least 300 words in content. In-depth explanations of the exact expectations are located in the Forum area of the class.

You will need to have at least 300 words in this post plus 3 full references due Friday …Remember to explain what details and experiences these ex-slaves gave in describing the institution of slavery and the practice of slavery.

4. You must reference using one of the three formats and following your major’s designated style: MLA, APA, CS, Kate L. Turabian’s Manual, and the Chicago Manual of Style (CMS). YOU MUST CITE YOUR SOURCES!

5. Also summarize your findings on this ex-slave in the last paragraph. What did you find surprising or different than based on your own knowledge of enslavement and what the course has discussed so far.

The CRAAP test will help you learn what is an academic source:

For online sources, you must ask addition questions. What is the domain (.edu?)? Who publishes the site, or sponsors it? Is it recent (has it been updated)? Are there advertisements or signs that it is a poorly designed website with all kinds of distractions? Is the site supposed to be an academic one? Or is it someone’s pet project?

Remember that this is a formal essay and you need an introduction, body, and conclusion.

Interviewer: Samuel S. Taylor
Person interviewed: Lula Jackson (supplement) [HW: cf. 30600]
1808 Valentine Street, Little Rock, Arkansas
Age: 79
Occupation: Field hand


“Early Hurt had an overseer named Sanders. He tied my sister Crecie to
a stump to whip her. Crecie was stout and heavy. She was a grown young
woman and big and strong. Sanders had two dogs with him in case he
would have trouble with anyone. When he started layin’ that lash on
Crecie’s back, she pulled up that stump and whipped him and the dogs

“Old Early Hurt came up and whipped her hisself. Said, ‘Oh, you’re too
bad for the overseer to whip, huh?’

“Wasn’t no such things as lamps in them days. Jus’ used pine knots.
When we quilted, we jus’ got a good knot and lighted it. And when that
one was nearly burnt out, we would light another one from it.

“We had a old lady named ‘Aunt’ Charlotte; she wasn’t my aunt, we jus’
called her that. She used to keep the children when the hands were
working. If she liked you she would treat your children well. If she
didn’t like you, she wouldn’t treat them so good. Her name was
Charlotte Marley. She was too old to do any good in the field; and she
had to take care of the babies. If she didn’t like the people, she
would leave the babies’ napkins on all day long, wet and filthy.

“My papa’s mama, Sarah, was killed by lightning. She was ironing and
was in a hurry to get through and get the supper on for her master,
Early Hurt. I was the oldest child, and I always was scared of
lightning. A dreadful storm was goin’ on. I was under the bed and I
heard the thunder bolt and the crash and the fall. I heard mama
scream. I crawled out from under the bed and they had grandma laid out
in the middle of the floor. Mama said, ‘Child, all the friend you got
in the world is dead.’ Early Hurt was standin’ over her and pouring
buckets of water on her. When the doctor come, he said, ‘You done
killed her now. If you had jus’ laid her out on the ground and let the
rain fall on her, she would have come to, but you done drownded her
now.’ She wouldn’t have died if it hadn’t been for them buckets of
water that Early Hurt throwed in her face.

“Honey, they ain’t nothin’ as sweet to drink out of as a gourd. Take
the seeds out. Boil the gourd. Scrape it and sun it. There ain’t no
taste left. They don’t use gourds now.”

Interviewer’s Comment

Violent death followed Lula Jackson’s family like an implacable
avenger. Her father’s mother was struck and killed by lightning. Her
mother’s first husband was thrown to his death in a wrestling match.
Her own husband was dragged and kicked to death by a mule. Her
brother-in-law, Jerry Jackson, was killed by a horse. But Sister
Jackson is bright and cheery and full of faith in God and man, and
utterly without bitterness.