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One brief introductory paragraph that includes basic information such as the title of the show, where it was produced, who produced it, on which date you attended, etc. • A second paragraph where you 1. Provide a basic plot summary: who are the main characters in the story and what happens to them and 2. Discuss what you believe are the major themes explored (not just what happens but what the play or musical is about, in a larger sense). • (At least) Two additional body paragraphs: each one needs to address a different technical aspect of the show (you may choose from things such as set, costumes, acting, etc.). Address one technical aspect per paragraph. Be specific. • A final paragraph where you share your personal reaction to the show. You may use first person in this portion of the assignment. In short, use this section to answer questions such as “What did you think of the show as a whole?,” “Would you recommend this show to others?,” “Did the show give you something to think about – and if so, what?,” etc



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