Need help with my Communications question – I’m studying for my class.

Portfolio Goal

Create a 10-slide presentation.

Portfolio Details

Follow the steps below to complete your presentation. Throughout the presentation, make sure to be specific and use your own words to express all ideas.

  1. Create a cover (introductory) slide.
  2. Select any eight of the following course topics:
    • ethical communication
    • critical thinking
    • perception and communication
    • conflict and communication
    • verbal elements of communication
    • nonverbal elements of communication
    • computer mediated communication
    • listening skills
    • responding skills
    • intrapersonal communication
    • interpersonal communication
      • relationship dynamics
      • intercultural communication
      • group communication
    • For each word selected, create a slide that lists the word, provides a visual representation of the word, and includes in bulleted phrases the five major points you learned about that concept.
    • Create a final slide with a paragraph that explains how the knowledge you gained in the class will make you a better communicator.