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Our last writing assignment is a two-part evaluation, both of the class and of yourself.

1) First, the last DQ of the course asked you to share some information about your final paper and discuss some things that you learned about the process of writing. Now that your paper is done, and now that you have had some feedback from classmates on that post, tell me about how you feel about the paper you submitted to me. Be honest with me – I want to know what you feel you learned, both about your topic, and also about the process of writing about it. I’m interested in your process of writing as much as I am what you shared with me in your actual paper. Take some time and really think about it, and then tell me about all of it. Did your process change from the beginning of the class? Did you take the suggestions from the class and follow them? Please honestly assess yourself. This assessment is for you to evaluate yourself, and rest assured that I won’t use any of this to negatively affect your paper grade.

2) Second, what did you feel were the most useful parts of the class for you? Were there topics or sections of the class that especially helped you? Did you learn something specific that you will carry forward in future writing? You can also tell me if you didn’t feel that this class was useful to you, but if so, you need to share why so that we can try to change that.

Any other information you’d like to include, such as suggestions to improve the class, ideas for changes, things you didn’t find helpful, etc. are welcome.

This assignment needs to be at least two full pages, in APA format. Make it a good one, since it’s the last one