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Week 1 Discussion 2

Due no later than Sunday 11:59 pm (PST)

Having completed your reading, please respond to the two writing prompts below:

2(a) Discuss at least three differences between high school and college writing.

2(b) Of the differences you mentioned, which one do you believe is most challenging? What strategies can be used to overcome the challenge you mentioned?

Detailed Instructions

Okay, to start things off, you need to have completed this week’s reading as you’re going to make the articles “talk” to each other. First, please read over the Williams &McErnerney article on the differences between high school and college writing. Then discuss at least three of the differences, drawing on your reading and your own personal experiences thus far.

Once you’ve done that, identify which of the differences you believe is most challenging and explain what strategies you could use to overcome that challenge.

Please make sure your initial post demonstrates your understanding of the article. In addition, on your responses to your classmates, please ensure that your response post demonstrates your thinking. “I agree” is fine, but then go on to explain why you agree and under what circumstances you might not agree, etc. Also, for the purposes of this week’s posts, can you label your responses 2(a) and 2(b)? Thanks so much! PLEASE SAVE MY FILE AS TOURO ENG130 JO