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“Can tactile puppets survive in a digital age?” (TED talk clip with Scooter) Is the developing level of realism in CGI adding to the “Uncanny Valley” and making CGI media too uncomfortable to watch?

Since CGI was first introduced in media, debate has developed over the impact this technological advancement will have on the continued use of puppetry in film and television. You will have the opportunity to give your thoughts on this topic and present your supported views in this discussion board. Take a stand on whether you feel puppetry or CGI creates better animation in the movies and TV. Support your view, either pro or con, with research and specific examples. Compare the uses of computer generated images and live puppetry in film and TV in this Discussion Board. Be sure to refer to specific content and information from the video clips you watched in this module or in addition to the content posted . You can also add additional research or other images/ videos. Feel free to reference other movie or TV examples that include CG characters or puppetry. Comment on at least one other post with supported points and examples. You can use points that you made in the TV module on the effects of technology, but develop the content as described above.

You need some researches for this, but just list the link, you don’t need to refenrence.

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