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Course Research Paper: 1. Two tests will be given, a final exam and a research paper. All testable material will come from assigned readings, lectures and video presentations. All tests will be formatted in multiple choice. 2. A research paper is a required part of this class. This will be a fourth grade. The following format is required: – This paper will focus on security employment opportunities in the federal, state and private sectors. Your paper must be no less than (5) pages in length and conform to the APA format requirements – The cover (title) page and works cited are not counted as part of the page length requirements – This paper must include a minimum of (5) academic reference sources This paper will be double spaced, use 12-point font, one-inch margins and pages will be numbered – The paper will be due the first day of final exam week. There is plenty of time given for this paper. – Late papers will not be accepted.