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Full Question:

According to your textbook readings, what dynamics exist between an ethical system and the underlying worldview (comprising people’s assumptions, beliefs, and actions about reality)? In what ways are worldviews and ethics related?

Cite your sources from the textbooks and other course materials.

150-200 Word Count

Course Materials to cite or use:

Read Chapter 1 from the section titled “Ethics and Worldviews” through the end of the Chapter 1 in Beyond Bumper Sticker Ethics.

Read “Science and Scientism in Biology: The Origin of Morality,” by Garte, from the Biologos website (2013).

Read “The Sacred/Secular Divide and the Christian Worldview” by Kim, McCalman, and Fisher from the Journal of Business Ethics (2012).

Read “The Schooling of Ethics” by Hill from Educational Philosophy and Theory (2014).