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Many individuals face challenges in career decision-making due to sociocultural factors that limit or otherwise negatively influence their ability to make self-directed career choices. Discrimination, economic constraints, and social supports are just a few of these factors that are highlighted in this Week’s Learning Resources,. In this assignment, you will build on your discussion post considering how these and other factors might influence the career development of your future clients or students, focusing on your role in addressing these factors.

To Prepare for Activity

By Day 7

Develop an advocacy statement that addresses the importance of diversity and advocacy as it relates to career counseling. When creating your advocacy statement, be sure to address the key components of advocacy, including a discussion of how you might advocate for clients and students across micro, meso, and macro levels of society. Much like a theoretical orientation statement, your goal is to describe your commitment to social change and advocacy for all clients and students in a fair and safe manner.

Describe how your clients or students might be challenged by various sociocultural factors on their career development. Then, in 2-3 pages,

You must cite at least 2 peer-reviewed articles to justify how you are addressing the sociocultural factors and the specific advocacy strategies you selected.


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