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Write about the expansion of access to preschool in California. First, it’s important that you show your knowledge of the issue. Begin by reading this article (I uploaded it), then summarize it. Locate one other news source that also addresses the expansion of access to preschool in California. Save a copy of it (send this to me), and compare and contrast its reporting to the article in the Bee.

After doing this, explain your personal perspective on expanding early childhood education. (You’re not for or against it, because it’s likely happening. You’re taking a position on how it should look and why.) How do you think early childhood education should look? Why? What developmental theory/theories would support this approach? What concerns do you have about the expansion of access to early childhood education (i.e., what concerns you about the policy proposed in the initial Sacramento Bee article)?

Your submission (in APA style [yes, this includes font and line spacing]; no more than 2 pages, no shorter than 1 page) will include

  1. A one-paragraph summary of the article from the Sacramento Bee. This summary should be entirely in your own words (no quotations!). Let us know what is being proposed, why it’s happening, who is advocating for this, how the changes will happen, and when it’s expected to happen (10 points).
  2. Your summary of another news article that reports on the issue. How is the reporting similar to the required article from the Bee? What differences are evident? Include an uploaded .pdf of the article with your assignment submission (4 points).
  3. One paragraph summarizing your perspective on the issue. How do you think early childhood education should look? What developmental theory (Freud, Erikson, Behaviorism, Piaget, information processing, Vygotsky, the zone of proximal development, evolutionary theory) most closely aligns with your perspective? What connections do you see between the issue at hand and topics that we’ll discuss in class? What concerns do you have about the proposal as it’s outlined in the initial reading (4 points)?
  4. Provide an APA-style reference list at the end of your paper. Include the Sacramento Bee article, your textbook, and the additional article that you found (references never count toward page limits; 2 points). This sample paper might help (I uploaded it as well).