I don’t know how to handle this Powerpoint question and need guidance.

Assignment Instructions:

  1. Open your Week 1—Assignment 1 slide presentation. Be sure to use the version returned to you from your instructor and resolve any feedback provided from Week 1—Assignments 1 and 2, before moving on to Step 2.
  2. Add an additional slide to present the specific qualitative research approach selected for Week 1—Assignment 2.
  3. Then add an additional slide to present the general principles, tenets, traditions, and paradigmatic perspectives of the selected qualitative research approach. Include at least 4-5 bullet points to describe these aspects for your selected research approach and cite the relevant literature that supports each bullet point.

Length: 5-6 PowerPoint slides, not including title and reference slides

References: Include an additional 3 scholarly research guides or sources to the 3 prior References included in Week 1