I need an explanation for this English question to help me study.

argument based research supported paper that focuses on recycling and how recycling is saving the earth/ plastic waste in the ocean and how it needs to be recycled

6-8 pages, not including worked cited page (which is an additional page)

correct MLA fomat (which includes in-text references an works cited page)

at least 6 sources need to be used in paper using MY annotated bibliographies. 6 will be provided by me in the downloads and NEED TO BE USED IN THE PAPER but you can use more relating to this subject and add it in the paper and in the worked cited page

at least 1-2 paragraphs on a solution

there has to be a counter argument

strong thesis statement that presents the problem of not recycling or the focus of having to recycle to save the earth

relevant and engaging title

no more than one or two block quotations


I will provide a research proposal

if needed, i will give the login for the library database

will also provide a thesis statement and introduction that you can please use and add on to