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Eligibility Criteria

Assignment Overview

When examining eligibility rules, a social worker looks for an alignment between the rules and the conceptualization of the social problem the policy or program is meant to address. Additionally, when analyzing policies and programs, they look for potential problems that eligibility criteria might introduce, such as “stigma, alienation, off-targeting of benefits, overwhelming costs, over-utilization and under-utilization, political interference, and negative incentives and disincentives” (Chambers & Bonk, 2013, p. 106). These issues represent potential problems that undermine policy and program functionality (Chambers & Bonk, 2013, p.106). Notice that the presence of any one of the problems mentioned by Chambers and Bonk can work against the adequacy, equity, and efficiency of a policy or program.

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Assignment Description

In this assignment, you will analyze the eligibility criteria of an entitlement program, evaluate the impact of these criteria, and consider how potential changes might serve social well-being.

Assignment Instructions

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Chambers, D. E., & Bonk, J. F. (2013). Social policy and social programs: A method for the practical public policy analyst (6th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson.

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