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They should be about 400 words (1 page) and you CANNOT CITE ANY SOURCES outside of class readings or lecture.

The exam is open book and you may discuss the questions with your colleagues, but you MUST write your own answer. Canvas identifies when you take material from other sources or write the same thing as your colleagues in the class. If I find 2 answers are the same, I will flunk both students. DO NOT WRITE THE SAME ANSWERS, WRITE YOUR OWN ANSWER!!!!


One could view the documentary Switch, in which the central figure transitions from female to male, entirely through the lens of an individual analysis of their choices, but to do so would miss the sociological lens that allows us to better understand gender as a socially constructed and maintained process. 1) Discuss the sociological perspective that gender is socially constructed. 2) Using three specific examples from the film, discuss and show how gender is not just an individual choice but rather a product of a larger social struçture. I showed the DVD in class and it will be on reserve for this class for the duration of the mid-term exam period (Dec. 4th-6th).

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